Event Agenda

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Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance
Historical Developments and Global Trends of Islamic Banking and Finance
Introduction to Islamic Financial Products
Regulatory Framework of Islamic Banking and Finance in Africa
Islamic Banking & Finance in Africa – Emerging Opportunity
Islamic Finance and Financial Inclusion
How Islamic finance helps financial inclusion
Policy and strategy development for financial inclusion through Islamic banking
Financial inclusion and poverty alleviation
Current trends in Shariah compliant financial inclusion
Takaful (Islamic Insurance)
Takaful (Islamic Insurance) and Takaful Models
How Takaful industry can facilitate Islamic financial industry in Africa
Innovative products of general & family Takaful
Vastly growing trends of Takaful Industry in Africa
Takaful management system
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Investment Opportunities in Africa and Tanzania
Investment opportunities on Islamic banking and Takaful in Africa
Emerging trends of Islamic banking and finance in Africa
How Tanzania can play a vital role for the development of Islamic banking and financial sector in Africa
Creation of Shariah compliant investment avenues in Tanzania
Sukuk, Islamic Bond & Islamic Capital Market
Introduction of Sukuk
How Sukuk can facilitate Tanzanian government for country development
Asset based financing: A complete risk free solutions for International crises
Structuring of Shariah compliant fund
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A Glance on Islamic Finance
Riba (Interest) and Prohibition of Riba
Types of Riba
Economics Rationale for Prohibition of Riba
Development of Islamic Microfinance in Pakistan
Partnership Based Mode of Islamic Banking & Finance (Mudarabah & Musharakah)
  • The basic rules and Features of Mudarabah
  • Distribution of Profit & Loss in Mudarabah
  • The basic rules and Features of Musharakah.
  • Distribution of Profit & Loss in Musharakah.
Diminishing Musharakah
  • Determine the Rental in Diminishing Musharakah
  • Unit Sale mechanism in Diminishing Musharakah
  • Diminishing Musharakah as Ideal product for Islamic Housing Finance.
Trade Based Mode of Islamic Banking & Finance (Murabahah, Musawamah, Salam & Istisna)
  • Basic Features of Murabahah
  • Murabahah as financing mode
  • Stages involve in Murabaha Transaction.
  • Shariah compliance & legal documentation of Murabaha contract.
  • Murabahah in International Trade.
  • Practical aspects & issues of Murabahah
Salam & Istisna
  • Basics of Bai Istisna & Bai Istisna
  • Difference between Salam & Istisna
  • Practical implementation of Salam & Istisna.
Rental Based Modes of Islamic Banking & Finance (Ijarah)
Introduction and Brief Perspective of Ijarah.
Sharia’h alternative of Conventional Leasing - Ijarah.
Ijarah (Operating Lease) vs. conventional leasing (Financial Leasing)
Legal framework & documentations for ijarah products
Basic feature of Ijarah contract & Its Operational Mechanism
Islamic Banking and Finance Product Development
Types of Products
Phases to be involved in Developing New Products
Role and Internal Involvement for New Products
Parties Involved
Product Documentation
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Introduction & Historical Background
Definition & Fundamental Principles
Difference in Concept & Difference in Contract
Early practices
Reference in first constitution of Madina
Takaful practice through the ages
Recent developments
Evolution during the seventies
Judicial opinions and Fatwas
Formation of first Takaful companies
Developments in the World
Takaful Models
The Mudaraba Model
The Wakala Model
The Waqf-Wakala Model
Investment Models
Takaful Comparison
Comparison with mutual societies
Comparison with cooperatives
Comparison with self-retention schemes
Comparison with conventional insurance
Takaful Documents
Proposal form
Participants' Membership Documents
Claims procedures
Surplus sharing mechanism
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