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With high hopes Alhuda CIBE has planned to conduct The 7th Global Islamic Microfinance Forum in Istanbul, Turkey on 24th -25th November 2017. The notion behind conducting these forums is to create awareness of Islamic Microfinance for the benefit of humankind and to help poor to survive at their best. This is the reason why these events are conducted internationally so that masses can enjoy its perquisites. This year it is expected that the forum will unbolt new horizons, opportunities and innovation for Microfinance industry thus helping them eliminate poverty with support of Islamic Microfinance.


7th Global Islamic Microfinance Forum Speakers 2017

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Mr. Zubair Mughal

Chief Executive Officer
AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics Pakistan
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Dr. Amjad Saqib

Executive Director
Akhuwat Lahore, Pakistan
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Mr. Mabroor Mahmood

Principal - Term Finance
Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) – Jeddah
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Syed Hussain Haider

Group Head Akhuwat Education Services Adjunct Faculty
LUMS - Pakistan
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Mr. Vehbi Zeqiri

Executive Director, START Islamic Microfinance Institution, Republic of Kosovo.
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Mr. Mamode Raffick Nabee Mohomed

Founder & Secretary
Al Barakah Multi-purpose Cooperative Society Limited - Mauritius

Event Agenda

Quickly harness dynamic thinking through value added models.

Technical Session I: Global Development and future potential of Islamic Microfinance
Islamic Microfinance – Global Scenario & Emerging Trends
The Challenges of Institutional diversity, regulation and supervision in Islamic Microfinance
Scaling of Islamic Microfinance – Opportunities & Challenges
Shariah principles, Operational Mechanism and Marketing Strategies of Islamic Microfinance
Innovation, impact assessment and future potential of Islamic Microfinance
Technical Session II: Evidence of Impact – Financial Inclusion through Islamic Microfinance
Islamic Microfinance as an effective tool of Financial Inclusion
Financial Inclusion through Islamic Microfinance - Evidence of Impact
How Islamic Microfinance can support to tackle the Refugees Crises; The Next Financial Inclusion Frontier
Financial Inclusion: progress, challenges and view of the future Islamic Microfinance
The Digital Revolution and Financial Inclusion
Technical Session III: Qarz-e-Hassan Model of Islamic Microfinance
Akhuwat model adding new dimensions in Microfinance salient features
Qarz –e- Hassan for Agricultural and Rural Finance
Linking Microfinance with business community
Replicating Qarz-e-Hassan Model – Challenges & Benefits
Impact assessment – A Case Study
Technical Session IV: Power Table - Panel Discussion: Funding Sources to Flourish Islamic Microfinance Industry
Funding challenges of Islamic Microfinance Institutions
How to fund Islamic microfinance institutions
Role of Funding Agencies for the Islamic Microfinance
Crowd funding and Technological platform to generate the Funding opportunities
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Technical Session V: Power Table – Panel Discussion: Fintech, Crowd funding & Crypto currencies – A New Frontiers of Islamic Microfinance:
Adoption of Technology for increased transparency and efficiency
Integration of Mobile/ Branchless banking with Islamic Microfinance
Crypto Currencies/peer to peer Networks-Bringing Islamic Microfinance to the Digital World
Role of IT solutions to strengthen Islamic Microfinance Industry
Technical Session Vi: Power Table – Panel Discussion: Outreach, Challenges & Opportunities:
Initiative needed in designing a framework for policy making for the expansion of Islamic Microfinance
Bottlenecks in the strategies which constraint the growth of Islamic Microfinance
Youth Development and Vocational Literacy program through Islamic Microfinance
Opportunities and Challenges faced by Islamic Microfinance Industry
Technical Session VII: Islamic Agriculture and Rural Finance
How Islamic Microfinance can facilitate the Rural Finance?
Islamic Agricultural Finance – An Ideal Mechanism to fulfill the all crop/ farmer needs
Salaam & other Hybrid Products for Agri. & Rural Finance
Compatibility of Islamic Financial Products with Conventional Rural Credit lending Models
Financing need for Agricultural productions Cycle – Stages & Activities
Technical Session VIII: Micro Takaful, Waqf & Zakat – Supportive Elements for Islamic Microfinance
Waqf base Models for Islamic Microfinance
Micro Takaful as Risk Management tool of Islamic Microfinance
Micro Takaful products for Islamic Micro, Rural & Agricultural Finance
Shariah Aspects of Islamic Microfinance
Can Zakat supplement Islamic Microfinance Programs?
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Introduction to Agricultural & Rural Operations
Farm Operations:
Land Preparation
Fertilizer/Pesticides application
Non Farm Operations:
Rearing of livestock
Off Farm
Murabaha as Model of Agri. & Rural Finance
Financing of Agricultural inputs to farmers through Murabaha.
Murabaha contract/process flow.
Various risks associated with Murabaha.
Murabaha price and booking of Murabaha.
Some accounting/ Prudential (AAOIFI + SBP)
Salam and Parallel Salam
Structure of Salam and Parallel Salam.
Application of Salam in financing liquidity requirements of farmers.
Use of Murabaha and Salam to finance various production and consumption needs.
Practical application in various seasonal operations of agricultural production cycle.
Islamic Financing for Livestock Sector
Livestock financing Models for Rural Development
Livestock development through Islamic Microfinance
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Musharaka, Muzara & Diminishing Musharakah
Concept of Musharakah and its variants.
Shariah legitimacy of Muzara financing and application for share cropping.
Musharakah of bank, farmers and agricultural extension advisory.
Concept of Diminishing Musharakah and application for financing agricultural machinery
Ijarah (Islamic Lease)
Shariah Principals & Mechanism of Ijarah
Use of Ijarah in Agricultural Finance
Ijarah as ideal mode of financing for agricultural durables (Tractors, Machinery etc)
Sukuk for Agricultural Sector
Muzara & Musaaqqa, Sukuk ( An innovative product for corporate farming)
Structure, Operation & Performance of agricultural
Takaful Products for Rural and Agri. Sector
 Disaster Management in Rural and Agricultural Sector through Takaful
Takaful Products for crops and livestock
Micro Takaful for Agri./ Rural Development
Rural and Agricultural Infrastructure Development through Islamic Finance
Rural and Agricultural Development through Islamic Finance
Model Villages through Islamic Finance Mechanism
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Quickly harness dynamic thinking through value added models.

event Venue

Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Center, Istanbul. Direction Link

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