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About Event
“International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance in Kazakhstan” is one of the major International Islamic banking and finance conferences in Kazakhstan. It aims to focus on the subjects of global importance within Shariah complaint banking sectors. It is another achievement of AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics to promote the Islamic financial concepts worldwide.

“International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance in Kazakhstan” will attract the global Islamic banking and financial representatives who will highlight the challenges and hurdles faced by the worldwide economic sectors and will also transcribe that how to come out of these challenging circumstances by following the lines of Islamic banking and finance.

The thematic areas of interest include:
  • Creating the upright Economy by following Islamic banking concepts
  • Preparing the Next Generation for Shariah complaint banking and finance
  • Strategic learning for the development of world economy
  • Exploring new horizons of Islamic banking and finance
  • Inducing vision of positive aspects of Islamic banking concepts adoption
  • Finding the prospects of industrial development in Kazakhstan
The conference is designed to catch the eyes of Islamic Shariah advisors, International investors, Economists, CEOs of banking sectors, strategic project managers and so on. The conference is designed on the pattern to pull various pillars of International financial industry that will be a plus point for the speakers, participants, and associates in exchanging the ideas, cut down cultural differences and to come up with the clearer vision of Islamic banking and financial divisions across the world.