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About Almaty
Almost 150 years have passed since Almaty's first settlements were founded. Over decades, many joyful and sad pages have been leafed in the fate of the city and in the lives of its dwellers; there happened a lot of political, social, and economic changes. It is our civic duty to preserve Almaty's heritage, to reconstruct the portrait of the city against a historical background, and to pass down the monuments of the epoch in events, faces, and buildings to new generations.

The city is situated in the centre of the Eurasian continent, in the south-east of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at a longitude of 77 degrees east and latitude of 43 degrees north, at the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains, the northernmost ridge of the Tien Shan. Almaty can vie with the mountain cities of Dushanbe, Karakol, or Erevan. It is on the same parallel with the well-known cities of Gagry and Vladivostok.
The city occupies an area of over 170 square kilometres. It stands on old and young deposit driftovers from the rivers Boishaya and Malaya Almatinka and their tributaries running down from the Trans-Ili Alatau glaciers and ravines to the Ili Valley (Balkhash Lake Basin). Mountain Rivers and lakes are the main source of water supply to the city. In the mountain gorges, there are a lot of waterfalls, and thermal radon and sulphuric sources used as the basis for balneological spas.