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Event Summary
Islamic model of banking and finance shows the way to those who believe in the unity of Almighty God, so that they would not be misguided. Profit & Loss Sharing constitutes the backbone of Islamic banking. The expansion of this principle throughout a community transforms that community into a large cooperative within which every Muslim individual would try his/her utmost efforts and thereby through benefiting others, he/she would gain benefit. If the interaction of individual efforts were utilized in a proper way then the community’s welfare would be high enough not to let these interactions be mutually exclusive.

The Islamic finance industry is seeking to grow outside its main centres in the Gulf Arab region and South East Asia to tap into Muslim minorities in Western and African countries. Muslims are estimated to make up at least 15% of Kenya's population of 36-million. Large section of the Muslim community remains untapped by the banking industry due to either non availability of riba-free banking.

AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics aims to spread awareness of Islamic banking and finance in Kenya and all over the world by organizing “International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance in Kenya”. This event brings together financial professionals and is your best opportunity to learn, debate and discuss the challenges and opportunities currently driving this sector. Whether your interest lies in launching and sustaining a successful Shariah compliant financial institution, fund, product or services etc.

I look forward to personally welcome you on this conference.

Zubair Mughal
Chief Executive Officer
AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics

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Amina Siddiqi
Manager Communications

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