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(Islamic Insurance)

  • Islamabad:-11-12 May ,2007 at NIBAF-Islamabad

Takaful is the brand name for the Islamic alternative to conventional insurance, based on the concept of Ta-awan or  mutual assistance, evolved from three Quranic Principles; Mutual protection, Mutual Cooperation & mutual responsibility. It is the fastest growing  segment n insurance industry (at around 20% p.a. on average) world Takaful contributions are conservatively estimated at around us.53 bill As Pakistan is a new emerging market in this scenario, so there is an immediate need to have a comprehensive study of this area. AL-Huda CIBE is working for the promotion, Awareness and educational training for Islamic banking and Islamic training workshops/Takaful. We are pleased to introduce you a comprehensive 2 days training on practical Shariah concepts of Takaful. At the end of this course, we hope that you will leave with a practical and interactive approach for clear understanding of Takaful concept.


Topic to Discussed:

  1. Basic Philosophy and Shariah principles in Takaful.
  2. Structuring operation & performance on Takaful.
  3. Legal and regularity framework in Takaful business.
  4. Different models and operational mechanisms in Takaful.
  5. Technical aspects of Takaful products.
  6. Takaful products around the globe (& update).
  7. Case study challenges &opportunities for Pakistani Markets.
  • Shoaib Soofi (Director - SECP)
  • Captain M. jamil Akhtar (CEO – Takaful Pakistan).
  • Amer Khalil-ur-Rehman (Head of Cooperate Islamic Banking. Askari Commercial Bank Limited)
  • Hamad Rasul (Director First Wapda Sukuk Company)
  • Zubair Mughal ( Director Al Huda CIBE)



Fee Package:

Who should attend this course

Fee: 6000/=
Fees Included Attention at course Training
Training material & lunch & refreshment.

  • Life insurance, general insurance and re insurance companies (both Takaful and conventional).
  • Islamic banking & Financial Institutions Takaful companies and those providing Takaful insurance services.   
  • Service providers to the Takaful industry.l



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