Professor Abdus Salam wins IDB Prize for Islamic economics


JEDDAH — Prof. Abdus Salam Al Abadi of Jordan, has been awarded the IDB Prize in Islamic economics for the year 1427H (2006)., in recognition of his outstanding efforts in this field. The Prize will be presented to the winner during the 32nd Annual Meeting of the IDB Board of Governors, which is to be held in Dakar, Senegal, on May 29-30.
The President of the IDB Group, Dr. Ahmed Mohammad Ali, congratulated the winner for this great achievement and, especially, for his meritorious services in the cause of Islamic economics.
IDB established the Prize in the year 1408H (1988) with the aim to recognise, reward and encourage outstanding work in Islamic economics, banking and finance. In the last 20 years, 28 researchers, bankers, economists and institutions have been awarded the IDB Prize annually.
The Prize Selection Committee, which was composed of many prominent personalities from different parts of the world outside IDB, conducted its meeting in late March and selected the IDB Prize winner for 1427H (2006) in Islamic economics. These meetings were chaired by Prof. Abdul Rahman Yousri of Alexandria University.
"The Committee has taken into consideration the final report of the Screening Committee and appreciated all the names which were short-listed. After a thorough discussion, the Committee decided unanimously to recommend the award of the IDB Prize for 1427H ( 2006 ) in Islamic economics to Prof. Abdus Salam Al Abadi, said a statement issued by IDB and made available to Khaleej Times here.
"Prof. Abdus Salam Al Abadi exerted distinctive and continuous efforts in promoting Islamic economics besides his efforts in Islamic Da'wah and public services. His research output in the field of Islamic economics is impressive and diversified in addition to his academic contribution, especially, his book on the ownership in Islamic Shari'ah which is considered one of the best sources on the subject, the citation said.

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