3-Days Specialized Training on

Practical & Operational Aspects of Islamic Banking & Islamic Microfinance

May 14 – 16, 2024 in Kabul, Afghanistan

3-Days Specialized Training on

Practical & Operational Aspects of Islamic Banking & Islamic Microfinance

May 14 – 16, 2024 in Kabul, Afghanistan

Event Summary

About AlHuda Center of Islamic Banking & Economics

Towards the pursuance of our goal to promote Islamic Banking and Finance all over the globe, AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics is working diligently since 2005. AlHuda CIBE has been acknowledged as a distinguished service provider due to our notable services, team of dedicated professionals and one stop solutions of Islamic Banking and Finance. Our aim is to provide state-of-the-art services of Islamic banking and finance. We are proud to be prominent for our Advisory and consultancy, research and development, education and capacity building, Shariah advisory, publication and events all over the world. AlHuda CIBE is supported by many national and international organizations and institutions as Strategic Partners support and our Alumni have spread over 100 countries. We are proud to stand among world's largest presences for capacity building, trainings, consultancy and other services. More details are available at www.alhudacibe.com

About Lead Excellence Assurance Advisory Audit Services Company

Lead Excellence Assurance Advisory Audit Services Company (LE) is an extensive scope audit and advisory services company founded by experienced multi-sectorial local and expat professionals in the year 2022. The Lead Excellence (LE) has obtained its license # 83957 under registration # 159148 from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The Registered Office is at Sherpur Square, behind Emergency Hospital, Kabul, Afghanistan. The company possesses a strong corporate governance structure with the strategic intention to lead the Afghanistan market by providing the best quality services to our valued clients in numerous sectors. Lead Excellence is equipped with updated policies, procedures, and skilled human capital who are committed to providing excellent and productive business solutions and audit services for your organizations in any sector.

We emphasize practical results, quality services, and professional independence. Our measure of success is our ‘clients’ success experience. The company has highly qualified professionals, who are successful in implementing technically challenging projects and businesses. More details are available at: https://leadexcellence.af/

About Islamic Finance in Afghanistan:

Afghanistan Islamic Finance is a growing sector that adheres to the principles and teachings of Islamic law, also known as Shariah. The country has made significant progress in developing this industry, with the establishment of numerous Islamic banks and financial institutions. Islamic finance operates based on the belief that money should be used in a socially responsible and ethical manner, avoiding interest-based transactions and promoting risk-sharing partnerships instead. In Afghanistan, Islamic finance plays a vital role in promoting financial inclusion and economic development. It aims to provide access to finance for all members of society, including those from lower-income backgrounds who may be excluded from traditional banking services. Islamic financial products such as Murabaha (cost plus financing), Ijarah (leasing), and Musharaka (joint venture) have allowed individuals and businesses to access funding while complying with Islamic principles. Additionally, Islamic finance has played a crucial role in rebuilding the Afghan economy, which has faced decades of instability and conflict. The principles of Islamic finance promote investment in productive sectors, such as agriculture, manufacturing, and infrastructure development, leading to job creation and overall economic growth. This has provided opportunities for local entrepreneurs and helped revitalize local industries. Moreover, Afghanistan Islamic finance has also contributed to the country's efforts in combating corruption. The transparency and risk-sharing aspects of Islamic finance reduce the likelihood of unethical behavior and promote fairer wealth distribution. By minimizing interest-based transactions and speculative investments, Islamic finance fosters a more stable economic environment, free from excessive debt burdens and financial crises. Afghanistan Islamic finance has emerged as a key driver of economic growth, financial inclusion, and ethical banking practices in the country. It has provided access to finance for previously marginalized segments of society, propelled economic development in various sectors, and contributed to the fight against corruption. As Afghanistan continues to rebuild and develop its economy, the growth of Islamic finance will likely play a pivotal role in driving prosperity and stability in the years to come.

About Afghanistan:

Afghanistan is located in Central Asia with Iran to the west and Pakistan to the east. Tall, forbidding mountains and dry deserts cover most of the landscape of Afghanistan. The jagged mountain peaks are treacherous, and are snow covered for most of the year. Many Afghans live in the fertile valleys between the mountains and grow their crops and tend to their animals. Only 20 percent of the land is used as fields. The mountain passes in Afghanistan allow travelers passage across Asia. The country was a busy section of the Silk Road, a route that merchants have traveled over land between China, India, and Europe for over 2,000 years. Until very recently, Afghanistan was considered a newly formed democracy. However, in mid-August 2021, the Taliban—a religious and political group that ruled the country from the mid-1990s until 2001—took control of the country's major cities and regained power. (Taliban means “students” in Pashto, one of the languages spoken in Afghanistan.)

Training Contents

3-Days Specialized Training on Practical & Operational Aspects of Islamic Banking & Islamic Microfinance

Riba & Its Prohibition

  • What is Riba (Interest)? Prohibition of Riba in Islam.

Islamic Banking and Finance industry

  • Introduction to Islamic Finance.
  • Overview of Islamic Banking and Financial Industry – Worldwide
  • Islamic Banking and Finance in Afghanistan (Potential and future prospects)
  • Difference between Islamic Microfinance & Conventional Microfinance Mechanism
  • Development of Islamic Microfinance
  • Shariah Perspective of Islamic Banking and Finance

Trade Based Mode of Islamic Banking & Finance (Murabahah)

  • Basic Rules & Kind of Bai (Trade) in Islamic Banking and Finance.
  • Some Basic Types of Bai (Murabahah, Salam, Istisna, Tawarruq, Musawamah Surf, Eenna, Touliya, Wadhia etc)
  • Bai according to Quality (Bai Salah, Bai Fasid, Bai Batil, Bai Maqoof, Bai Majool, Bai Muqayaddah, Bai Mu’ajal etc)
  • Murabahah
  • Basic Features of Murabahah
  • Murabahah as financing mode
  • Stages involved in Murabahah Transaction.
  • Shariah compliance & legal documentation of Murabahah contract.
  • Murabahah in International Trade.
  • Practical aspects & issues of Murabahah

Partnership Based Mode of Islamic Banking & Finance (Mudarabah & Musharakah)

  • Mudarabah
  • The basic rules and Features of Mudarabah
  • Distribution of Profit & Loss in Mudarabah
  • Musharakah
  • The basic rules and Features of Musharakah.
  • Distribution of Profit & Loss in Musharakah.
  • Diminishing Musharakah
  • Determine the Rental in Diminishing Musharakah
  • Unit Sale mechanism in Diminishing Musharakah
  • Diminishing Musharakah as Ideal product for Islamic Housing Finance.

Rental Based Modes of Islamic Banking & Finance

  • Ijarah (Islamic Lease)
  • Introduction and Brief Perspective of Ijarah.
  • Shariah alternative of Conventional Leasing - Ijarah.
  • Ijarah (Operating Lease) vs. conventional leasing (Financial Leasing)

Different Models & Deposit Management in Islamic Microfinance

  • Definitions, Concepts & Uses of Waqf, Qarz – e – Hassan, Cooperatives & Zakat in Islamic Microfinance system
  • Liability (Deposit) Management Techniques for Islamic Microfinance
  • Development of Islamic Microfinance in Afghanistan

Takaful (Islamic Insurance)

  • Introduction to Takaful (Islamic Insurance)
  • Structural & Operational details of Takaful,
  • Legal and regulatory framework in Takaful.
  • Takaful Models
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