Specialized Training Workshop on

Islamic Banking for Regulators

07 - 08 September, 2023 at Dusit Thani Hotel, Dubai - UAE

Specialized Training Workshop on

Islamic Banking for Regulators

07 - 08 September, 2023 at Dusit Thani Hotel, Dubai - UAE

Event Summary

About AlHuda Center of Islamic Banking & Economics

AlHuda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics (CIBE) is a pioneer organization started its efforts to promote Islamic Banking and Finance since 2005. AlHuda CIBE has primarily been committed to provide quality services. Based on this principal, the recognition of AlHuda CIBE is increasing by leaps & bounds. It has built up a range of excellent services in the promotion of Islamic Banking and Finance into the masses such as Advisory & Consultancy, Research & Development, Education & Capacity Building, Shariah Advisory and Publications & Events. AlHuda CIBE is increasing its outreach globally also making a close interaction with Global market which enables to gather market information efficiently and activate service operations whenever and wherever it needed.

About Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance has been a hope for the purified financial system around the globe and is being considered as the best option to address the damages of interest based system in baking and financial industry. The growth indicators for Islamic Finance ensure its strength and global acceptance. Importantly the recent global finance crises have proved the rationality behind Islamic Finance when no substantial damage to the Islamic Banking and Finance industry was evidenced in consequences of such global finance crises. Beside the appreciable growth indicators in Islamic Finance the lack of human capital and skilled personnel have been the critical areas which require immediate attention.

Objective of the Training:

To develop expertise to develop and regulate IBF industry effectively. To focus on a central banker, need to learn to develop, guide, supervise and regulate the IBIs/IFIs.

Event Agenda

Specialized Training Workshop on Islamic Banking for Regulators

Fundamentals of Islamic Finance

  • The nature and broad rules of Islamic contracts/modes
  • Sharaih noncompliance risks

Supervisory/regulatory role of the Central Bank

  • main functions

Onsite inspection- case study

  • Requirements of licensing a full fledge Islamic bank,
  • Islamic banking widow / branch of a conventional bank

Approvals requirements

  • Product approvals
  • SSB approvals
  • Management approvals

Liquidity Management Tools & Uses

  • Sharia rules to be followed.
  • Sharia Guidance to other Central Bank Departments; banks, Takaful/Insurance companies

Introduction of international standard setting institutions

  • IFSB

Our Speakers

meet our speakers

Munir Ahmad
(Islamic Banking Industry Expert)
Mr. Munir Ahmad served in the Banking industry for more than 34 years. As a central banker, he played a key role in developing Islamic Banking sector first in Pakistan and then in Oman. His experience specializes exclusively in Islamic banking, finance and economics both Sharia compliance and regulations. He focused on the provision of Sharia governance/compliance, regulation, supervision and inspection of Islamic Banking industry. Beside that he has also been involved in training of the Islamic banking staff by way of giving presentations, delivering lectures on Sharia and regulatory aspects of Islamic finance, preparing training material and courses on Islamic Banking and Finance for various training institutions and universities. He traveled to different jurisdictions including Singapore, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Afghanistan, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam in conjunction with the workshops, seminars, conferences and training. Possess extensive hands-on experience working with executive management, external parties and senior level staff at the Bank and dealing with department staff. In addition, He has Arabic teaching experience of around 30 years. Author of three books for Arabic teaching (included in syllabus of IBA by Arabic Society for IBA students).

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