Two Days Specialized Online Training on

Islamic Micro & Agriculture Finance

April 02 - 03, 2021

Two Days Specialized Online Training on

Islamic Micro & Agriculture Finance

April 02 - 03, 2021

Event Summary


AlHuda Centre of Excellence in Islamic Microfinance - CEIMF is a division of AlHuda CIBE committed to facilitate and strengthen the Microfinance Industry through Islamic Microfinance Product Development, Innovation, Standardization and provision of Technical & Shariah expertise. The core objective of this department is to make a contribution in strengthening the institutions work for the poverty alleviation and facilitates them in uplifting poor people’s lifestyle and to get the society rid from poverty by giving the poor a feeling of belonging.


AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics (CIBE) is a pioneer organization started its efforts to promote Islamic Banking and Finance 16 years ago. In these working years, AlHuda CIBE is acknowledged all around the world due to its excellent services and its team of dedicated professionals who are equipped to continue thriving. AlHuda CIBE has primarily been committed to provide quality services. Based on this principal, the recognition of AlHuda CIBE is increasing by leaps & bounds. It has built up a range of excellent services in the promotion of Islamic Banking and Finance into the masses such as Advisory & Consultancy, Research & Development, Education & Capacity Building, Shariah Advisory and Publications & Events. AlHuda CIBE is increasing its outreach globally also making a close interaction with Global market which enables to gather market information efficiently and activate service operations whenever and wherever it needed. More details are available at www.alhudacibe.com

Event Agenda

Islamic Micro & Agriculture Finance

Fundamentals of Islamic Micro and Agriculture Finance

  • What is Islamic Micro & Rural Finance – Basic Concept?
  • Basic Principles, Product/Operational Mechanism and Marketing Strategies of Islamic Micro and Rural finance.
  • Innovation, Impact and future potential of Islamic Micro and Rural Finance.
  • Financial Inclusion through Islamic Micro and Rural Finance - Evidence of Impact.
  • Fintech, Crowd funding, peer to peer network & Crypto-Currencies – Bringing Islamic Micro & Rural Finance to the Digital World.
  • Islamic Agricultural Finance – An Ideal Mechanism to fulfill the all crop/farmer financial needs.
  • Islamic Financial Products Structure & Mechanisms for Islamic Micro Finance Institutions

Islamic Micro and Agriculture Finance

  • Incidence of Poverty and Low Economic opportunity
  • Micro and Rural Finance as a tool for poverty alleviation
  • Islamic Microfinance Shariah compliant way of poverty alleviation
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Islamic Microfinance Institutions
  • Potential of Islamic Microfinance for social Development

Islamic Micro and Agriculture Finance Products Murabaha

  • Islamic Law of Contracts
  • Understanding the key concepts of Murabaha
  • Product composition of Murabaha
  • Practical execution in IMF system

Bai Salam & Istisna

  • Basic rules & types of Bai
  • Bai Salam & Parallel Salam
  • BaiIstisna
  • Practical implementations in IMF institutions

Mudaraba & Musharaka

  • What is Mudaraba & Musharaka?
  • Internal Product Structures
  • Profit & Loss Distribution
  • How can serve up IMF


  • Ijarah as the alternative of Conventional Lease
  • Product structure of Ijarah financing
  • Rental Mechanism & Practicing in IMF instructions

Diminishing Musharaka

  • Concept and Definition
  • Determination of Rental Mechanism
  • Unit Sale Mechanism
  • DM as Micro Housing Finance

Micro Takaful

  • Principle of Takaful business
  • Practical aspect of Micro Takaful
  • Banca Takaful as distribution channel for Micro Takaful

Social Sukuk for Islamic Micro & Agriculture Finance

  • What is Sukuk? Shariah Legitimacy of Sukuk
  • Sukuk for Microfinance Sector

Innovation and Development in Islamic Microfinance Sector

  • Technological Integration in Islamic Microfinance Sector
  • Innovative Products for Islamic Microfinance Sector
  • Web base Islamic Microfinance - A new approach
  • International Trends of Islamic Microfinance - Case study
  • Funding sources of Islamic Microfinance
  • How IMF is beneficial for donor’s agencies

Our Speakers

meet our speakers

Muhammad Zubair Mughal
Managing Director, AlHuda CIBE FZ LLE – UAE (Islamic Banking Expert)
Muhammad Zubair Mughal is Managing Director of AlHuda CIBE, CEO - Islamic Microfinance Network (IMFN) and Halal Research Council in Pakistan. He has been serving the Islamic Banking and Finance industry for last 12 years with versatility in Islamic Financial Engineering, Modeling, Product Development, Market and Gap Analysis. He is dedicatedly and tirelessly working for the promotion of Islamic Finance through Education, Research, Trainings and Conferences on global canvas. He is also a Chief Editor of a magazine on Islamic Banking and Finance “True Banking” which depicts his strategic vision in Islamic Finance. Muhammad Zubair Mughal is a passionate and hardworking individual with a strategic vision in Islamic Finance. He has served number of public and private sector organizations for Islamic finance advisory and consultancy around the globe.

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