Two Days Specialized Training Workshop on

Operational, Technical & Shariah Aspects of Islamic Banking, Finance & Takaful

June 11 - 12, 2021 at Lusaka, Zambia

Two Days Specialized Training Workshop on

Operational, Technical & Shariah Aspects of Islamic Banking, Finance & Takaful

June 11 - 12, 2021 at Lusaka, Zambia

Event Summary

About Islamic Banking and Finance

Islamic Banking and Finance has been a hope for the purified financial system around the globe and is being considered as the best option to address the damages of interest based system in financial industry. Currently, Islamic banking and finance total volume has crossed $2.6 trillion globally which is expected to grow and reach $ 3.5 trillion by 2024. Globally, total 2,500 Islamic banking and financial institutions are working in every populated continent including both Muslims and non-Muslim countries. The growth indicators for Islamic finance ensure its strength and global acceptance. Importantly the recent global finance crises have proved the rationality behind Islamic Banking and Finance when no substantial damage to the Islamic Banking and Finance industry was observed in consequences of finance crises. Beside the appreciable growth indicators in Islamic Banking and Finance the lack of human capital and skilled personnel have been the critical areas which require immediate attention.


Towards the pursuance of our goal to promote Islamic Banking and Finance all over the globe, AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics is working diligently since its existence 15 years ago. AlHuda CIBE has been acknowledged as a distinguished service provider due to our notable services, team of dedicated professionals and one stop solutions of Islamic Banking and Finance. Our aim is to provide state-of-the-art services of Islamic banking and finance. We are proud to be prominent for our Advisory and consultancy, research and development, education and capacity building, Shariah advisory, publication and events all over the world.

AlHuda CIBE is supported by many national and international organizations and institutions as Strategic Partners support and our Alumni have spread over 70 countries. We are proud to stand among world's largest presences for capacity building, trainings, consultancy and other services. More details are available at www.alhudacibe.com

Event Agenda

Operational, Technical and Shariah Aspects of Islamic Banking, Finance and Takaful

A Glance on Islamic Banking and Finance

  • Riba and Prohibition of Riba
  • Economics Rationale for Free Prohibition of Riba
  • Development of Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Operational Aspects of Islamic Banking and Finance
  • AAOIFI, IFSB and its role

Shariah Foundation and Applications of Islamic Banking and Finance

  • Conceptual Framework of Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Islamic Banking and Finance Characteristics
  • Sustainability outreach and Problems pertaining to microfinance system

Contracts for Islamic Banking and Finance

  • Definition of a Contract
  • Importance of a Contract
  • Why a Contract?
  • Types of a Contract
    • Unilateral Contracts
    • Bilateral Contract
  • Validity of a Contract

Islamic Banking and Finance & its Product Mechanism

  • Islamic Banking Products mechanisms & Compatibility with Conventional Banking Products
  • Partnership Based Islamic Banking (Mudarabah & Musharakah) Products
  • Trade Based Modes of Islamic Banking (Murabaha, Salam, Istina etc.)
  • Rental Based Products of Islamic Banking (Ijarah & Diminishing Musharakah)
  • Application of Trade, Partnership & Rental Based modes in Islamic Banking

Islamic Banking Product Development

  • Types of Products
  • Phases Involved in Interest-Free Product Development
  • Products Documentation

Introduction & Recent Developments

  • Fundamental Principles of Takaful
  • Reference in first constitution of Madina
  • Evolution during the seventies
  • Judicial opinions and Fatwas
  • Developments in Africa

Takaful Models

  • The Mudaraba Model
  • The Wakala Model
  • The Waqaf Wakala Model
  • Investment Models

Banca Takaful

  • Concept of ‘one –stop shop’ & ‘Financial Super Market’
  • Types of Banca Takaful products
  • Need to tailor certain products
  • Integration issues
  • Regulatory issues & need for disclosure
  • Banca Takaful marketing


  • Background
  • Current Key players
  • Constraints and Issues
  • Recent development

Takaful Marketing

  • Creating Awareness
  • Offer ‘Vs’ Sales’
  • Market Conduct
  • Follow ups
  • Client serving & client retention

Our Speakers

meet our speakers

Muhammad Zubair Mughal
Managing Director, AlHuda CIBE FZ LLE – UAE (Islamic Banking Expert)
Muhammad Zubair Mughal is Managing Director of AlHuda CIBE, CEO - Islamic Microfinance Network (IMFN) and Halal Research Council in Pakistan. He has been serving the Islamic Banking and Finance industry for last 12 years with versatility in Islamic Financial Engineering, Modeling, Product Development, Market and Gap Analysis. He is dedicatedly and tirelessly working for the promotion of Islamic Finance through Education, Research, Trainings and Conferences on global canvas. He is also a Chief Editor of a magazine on Islamic Banking and Finance “True Banking” which depicts his strategic vision in Islamic Finance. Muhammad Zubair Mughal is a passionate and hardworking individual with a strategic vision in Islamic Finance. He has served number of public and private sector organizations for Islamic finance advisory and consultancy around the globe.

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