Takaful Consultancy Wing

Takaful Consultancy Wing is a proactive service of AlHuda CIBE managed by a team of highly qualified and competent Takaful professionals. Takaful Consultancy Wing provides advisory services in all fields of Takaful including arrangement of familiarization/training sessions, product development, providing FAQ-Response service, advice on setting up new Takaful companies, arranging optimum Takaful coverage for all insurance needs, providing Takaful-specific I.T. software system that can be fully integrated to any insurance company’s existing system and can generate the requisite Contribution & Claims Registers, Accounting System and provide MIS reports.

We can also formulate Takaful-specific Business Plans, carry out market feasibility survey/studies and can provide proper, internationally recognized certification and training to the designated staff.

Specialty Services

We offer following best quality services to our prestigious clients