International Events on Islamic Banking & Finance 2015
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Takaful WS
Nov 9th - 10th,
2015 at Tanzania
Banca Takaful
4th Oct, 2015
at Dubai
IF Workshop
12 – 13 Oct 2015
at Azerbaijan
Oct 29 - 30, 2015
at U.K.
IF&T Workshop
12 -13 Nov, 2015
at Uganda
Nov 24 - 25, 2015
at Malaysia
IF Workshop
29 Feb - 4 Jan 2016
at United States
Two Days Specialized Training workshop on Islamic Finance
29th February – 1st March 2016 - Philadelphia, USA and 3rd - 4th March 2016 - Chicago, USA
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About Training
Islamic Finance has been a hope for the purified financial system around the globe and is being considered as the best option to address the damages of interest based system in baking and financial industry. Many countries around the world are tapping into the growing opportunities that Islamic banking and finance are bringing especially in terms of employment, products and services. Islamic banking could provide the perfect opportunity for economic growth in Washington .The aim of this training is to provide education and trainings to Finance Professional with an additional opportunity for their educational uplift under Islamic financial system so that they can fully avail the growing opportunities provided by Islamic Finance.
Training Contents
Riba & Its Prohibition
  • What is Riba (Interest)? Prohibition of Riba in Islam.
  • Types of Riba
    • Riba tul Nissayah       
    • Riba tul Fadle
    • Riba in Modern Banking and Finance.
Islamic Economics
  • Introduction to Islamic Economics System.
  • Land, Labor, Wages and Entrepreneur Laws in Islamic Economics.
  • Comparison of Islamic Economic System with Socialism & Capitalism.  
Islamic Banking and Finance industry
  • Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance.
  • Overview of Islamic Banking and Financial Industry – Worldwide.
  • Islamic Banking and Finance (Potential and future prospects)
  • Islamic Banking Products
  • Shariah Perspective of Islamic Banking and Finance 
Partnership Based Mode of Islamic Banking & Finance (Mudarabah & Musharakah)
  • Mudarabah
    • The basic rules and Features of Mudarabah
    • Distribution of Profit & Loss in Mudarabah
  • Musharakah
    • The basic rules and Features of Musharakah.
    • Distribution of Profit & Loss in Musharakah.
  • Diminishing Musharakah
    • Determine the Rental in Diminishing Musharakah
    • Unit Sale mechanism in Diminishing Musharakah
    • Diminishing Musharakah as Ideal product for Islamic Housing Finance.
Trade Based Mode of Islamic Banking & Finance (Murabahah, Musawamah, Salam & Istisna)
  • Basic Rules & Kind of Bai (Trade) in Islamic Banking and Finance.
    • Some Basic Types of Bai ( Murabahah, Salam, Istisna, Tawarruq, Musawamah Surf, Eenna,  Touliya, Wadhia etc )
    • Bai according to Quality (Bai Salah, Bai Fasid, Bai Batil, Bai Maqoof, Bai Majool, Bai Muqayaddah, Bai Mu’ajal etc )
  • Murabahah
    • Basic Features of Mudarabah
    • Murabaha as financing mode
    • Stages involve in Murabaha Transaction.  
    • Shariah compliance & legal documentation of Murabaha contract.
    • Murabaha in International Trade.
    • Practical aspects & issues of Murabahah
  • Salam & Istisna
    • Basics of Bai Istisna & Bai Istisna
    • Difference between Salam & Istisna
    • Practical implementation of Salam & Istisna.
Rental Based Modes of Islamic Banking & Finance
  • Ijarah (Islamic Lease)
    • Introduction and Brief Perspective of Ijarah.
    • Sharia’h alternative of Conventional Leasing - Ijarah.
    • Ijarah (Operating Lease)  vs. conventional leasing (Financial Leasing)
  • Sharia’h compliance of Ijarah
    • Legal framework & documentations for ijarah products
    • Basic feature of Ijarah contract & Its Operational Mechanism
  • Practical aspects & Issues of Ijarah.
    • Practical Implementation of Ijarah
    • Ijarah as ideal mode for vehicle, Machinery & Fixed asset Financing.
Islamic Micro Finance
  • Incidence of Poverty and Low Economic opportunity
  • Microfinance a tool for poverty alleviation
  • Islamic Microfinance Shariah compliant way of poverty alleviation
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Islamic Microfinance Institutions
  • Central Bank efforts for Development of Islamic Microfinance
  • Potential of Islamic Microfinance for social Development
  • Need of Islamic Microfinance Network
Takaful (Islamic Insurance)
  • Introduction to Takaful ( Islamic Insurance )
    • Takaful in Islamic Era.
    • Basic Features of Takaful.
  • Structural & Operational details of Takaful,
    • Structure of Takaful Products
    • Operation and performance of Takaful.
  • Legal and regularity framework in Takaful.
    • Organizational Principles, Basis, Value Proposition, Law, Ownership, Management Status, Management and Invest Status in Conventional Insurance and Takaful
    • Legal and Regularity requirement of Takaful.
Risk Management in Islam Banking & Finance
  • Introduction of Risk and Its Management.
    • Concept of Risk and Its Type
    • Use of Derivative, Future, Hedging & Swaps Instruments.
    • Islamic Perspective for Risk Management
    • Fundamentals of risk Management in Islam.
  • Risk Management of Islamic Banking
    • Type of Risk in Islamic Banking and Financial Instruments (other than insurance) i.e. Credit Risk, Equity Risk, Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, Rate of Return Risk, Operational Risk, Political Risk, Internal Risk, External Risk etc.
Speaker’s Profile
Ms. Camille Paldi
Ms. Camille Paldi has a BA with honors from Colgate University in New York and a Master’s Degree in Islamic Finance from Durham University in UK. Being a qualified Islamic Finance specialist, Camille is also a lawyer in four countries and nine jurisdictions around the world and has received legal training in common ,civil and Shariah law in six countries spanning five continents of the earth in Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America and the Middle East. She is US citizen born in the state of Hawaii and spent half of her life abroad in various countries of the world. Ms. Paldi founded FAAIF Limited, FAAIF Events JLT and FZ LLE (UAE Laws and Islamic Finance). She has over 10 years of Global diversified work experience in the private and the public sector and bring with her a wealth of practical knowledge acquired around the globe from the worlds’ leading educational institutions. Ms. Paldi is widely published in Islamic finance in various journals, newspapers and magazines. Ms. Palsi, with her unique international experience, brings a fresh and vibrant perspective to Islamic Finance.

Muhammad Zubair Mughal
CEO AlHuda CIBE - Islamic Finance Expert
Muhammad Zubair Mughal is a passionate and hardworking individual with a strategic vision in Islamic Finance. He is a skilled Islamic Financial professional and keen learner of IslamicBanking &Finance and Islamic Micro Finance with excellent speaking andtraining skills. He has 10 years of strong professional background onIslamic Banking & Finance. He has privileged to develop many IslamicFinance Products which are being utilized in Pakistan, Middle East and Africa. He has alsopresented his research papers on Islamic Finance in manyinternational conferences all around the world.
Who Should attend this Training?
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Microfinance Industry
  • Insurance Companies
  • Asset Management Co.
  • NGOs and NPOs
  • Financial Solution Providers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Financial, Advisor and Consultant
  • Academicians
  • Development Consultant
  • Management Consultant
  • Social Development Sector
  • Govt. Development Departments
  • Regulators and Govt. Officials
  • Shariah Scholars and Experts
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