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Asset Side Products
Product Name Mode Type of Product Basis for Pricing Tenors Target Customers
Habib Bank Ijarah/Leasing Ijarah Corporate, SME Cost of the plant, machinery and other levies. Mutually agreed Profit(IRR) 3-5 years Small/medium size traders/Manufacturers./Corporate Customers
Habib Bank Murabaha Facility Murabaha Corporate, SME Cost plus mutually agreed profit. Kibor+bps with matching tenor 1 year Small/medium manufacturers and traders
Diminishing Musharaka Diminishing Musharaka Corporates Floating Rate option with KIBOR as a benchmark 2-10 years Commercial & corporate business house.
Liability Side Products
Product Name Mode Type of Product Tenors Profit Calculation Target Customers
Deposit Account/BBA Qard Current NA NA Corporate, SME, Individual
Our Brands
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