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Islamic Bank Worldwide
Sr # Central Bank Country Name Website
1 Bank of Afghanistan Afghanistan
2 Bank of Albania Albania
3 Central Bank of Argentina Argentina
4 Bank of Algeria Algeria
5 Central Bank of Armenia Armenia
6 Central Bank of Aruba Aruba
7 Bank of Algeria Algeria
8 Central Bank of Argentina Argentina
9 Reserve Bank of Australia Australia
10 Austrian National Bank Austria
11 Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic Azerbaijan
12 Central Bank of Bahrain Bahrain
13 Bangladesh Bank Bangladesh
14 National Bank of Belgium Belgium
15 Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan Bhutan
16 Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia
17 Central Bank of Brazil Brazil
18 Bulgarian National Bank Bulgaria
19 Bank of Canada - Banque du Canada Canada
20 Bank of Central African States Central African Republic
21 The People's Bank of China China
22 Central Bank of Cyprus Cyprus
23 Bank of Canada - Banque du Canada Canada
24 Central Bank of Egypt Egypt
25 National Bank of Ethiopia Ethiopia  
26 Bank of England England
27 Bank of France France
28 European Central Bank Germany
29 Hong Kong Monetary Authority Hong Kong
30 Reserve Bank of India India
31 Bank Indonesia Indonesia
32 Central Insurance Company of Iran (Bimeh Markazi Iran) Iran
33 Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Bimeh Markazi Jomhouri Islami Iran) Iran
34 Central Bank of Iraq Iraq
35 Central Bank of Jordan Jordan
36 National Bank of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
37 National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyzstan
38 Bank of Latvia Latvia  
39 Central Bank of Lebanon Lebanon
40 Central Bank of Lesotho Lesotho  
41 Central Bank of Libya Libya
42 Central Bank of Malaysia Malaysia
43 Bank of Mauritius Mauritius
44 Central Bank of Oman Oman
45 State Bank of Pakistan Pakistan
46 Qatar Central Bank Qatar
47 Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency Saudi Arabia
48 Monetary Authority of Singapore Singapore
49 South African Reserve Bank South Africa
50 Bank of Spain Spain
51 Central Bank of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
52 Bank of Sudan Sudan
53 Sveriges Riksbank Sweden
54 Swiss National Bank Switzerland
55 Central Bank of United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
56 Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Washington) United States
57 Central Bank of Yemen Yemen
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