7th Global Islamic Microfinance Forum 2017 - Exhibit Profile

Core Objectives of 7th Islamic Microfinance Global Forum:

  • Nurturing awareness of Islamic Microfinance among the masses, government and non-governmental institutes and multilateral donor agencies.
  • Innovation in Islamic Microfinance Industry, e.g. Crowd funding, Micro Takaful, Youth Development Programs etc.
  • Promotion of Islamic microfinance model that is compatible with the conventional Microfinance models being used.
  • Encouraging practitioners, microfinance institutions, donor agencies and Government institutions by building up the acknowledgment of Islamic Microfinance system.
  • Creation of a more favorable milieu for Islamic Microfinance at national and international level.
  • Recognition of Islamic Microfinance as a sustainable system worldwide.
  • Encourage Islamic microfinance as a social phenomenon instead of a business oriented model.
  • Gain global practices on Islamic microfinance by using learned national and international scholars and experts.
  • Provision of a platform for dialogue between multilateral donor organizations and Microfinance networks.
  • Provision of up to date knowledge of various aspects of Islamic microfinance.
  • Provision of opportunities for collaboration or partnership with donor agencies, Islamic banks, and Islamic microfinance institutions or networks.

7th Global Islamic Microfinance Forum Sponsorship Package