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Inaugural session
Recitation of Holy Quran
Welcome Address
Inaugural & Key Note Address
Technical Session I: Global Development and Future Potential of Islamic Microfinance
Islamic Microfinance – global scenario & emerging trends
The challenges of institutional diversity, regulation and supervision in Islamic Microfinance
Scaling of Islamic Microfinance – opportunities & challenges
Shariah principles, operational mechanism and marketing strategies of Islamic Microfinance
Innovation, impact assessment and future potential of Islamic Microfinance
Technical Session II: Evidence of Impact – Financial Inclusion through Islamic Microfinance and FinTech
Islamic Microfinance and Shariah fin-tech as an effective tools of financial inclusion
Financial Inclusion through Islamic Microfinance - Evidence of Impact
How Islamic Microfinance can support to tackle the Refugees Crises; the next financial inclusion frontier
Financial inclusion: progress, challenges and view of the future Islamic Microfinance
The digital revolution and financial inclusion
Technical Session III: Qarz-e-Hassan Model of Islamic Microfinance
Akhuwat model adding new dimensions in Microfinance salient features
Qarz –e- Hassan for agricultural and rural finance
Linking Microfinance with business community
Replicating qarz-e-hassan model – challenges & benefits
Impact assessment – a case study
Technical Session IV: Panel Discussion: Funding Sources to Flourish Islamic Microfinance Industry through Shariah FinTech
Funding challenges of Islamic Microfinance Institutions
How to fund Islamic Microfinance institution
Role of funding agencies for the Islamic Microfinance
Crowd funding and technological platform to generate the funding opportunities
Role of IT solutions to strengthen Islamic Microfinance industry
Technical Session V: Micro-Takaful, Waqf & Zakat – Supportive Elements for Islamic Microfinance
Waqf base models for Islamic Microfinance
Micro-Takaful as risk management tool of Islamic Microfinance
Micro-Takaful products for Islamic micro, rural & agricultural Finance
Shariah aspects of Islamic Microfinance
Can Zakat Supplement Islamic Microfinance programs?
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Two Days Post Event Workshop on Practical Aspects of Islamic Micro, Agriculture and Rural Finance - December 13 - 14, 2021 at Dubai, UAE

Fundamentals of Islamic Micro Agriculture and Rural Finance
What is Islamic Micro, Agriculture and Rural Finance – Basic Concept?
Introduction & Types of Riba
Islamic Financial Products Structure & Mechanisms for Islamic Micro Finance Institutions
Islamic Micro, Agriculture and Rural Finance
Incidence of Poverty and Low Economic opportunity
Micro and Rural Finance as a tool for poverty alleviation
Islamic Microfinance Shariah compliant way of poverty alleviation
Challenges and Opportunities for Islamic Microfinance Institutions
Potential of Islamic Microfinance for social Development
Islamic Micro and Rural Finance Products - Murabaha
Islamic Law of Contracts
Understanding the key concepts of Murabaha
Product composition of Murabaha
Practical execution in IMF system
Islamic Micro and Rural Finance Products - Bai Salam & Istisna
Basic rules & types of Bai Salam & Parallel Salam
Bai Istisna
Practical implementations in IMF institutions
Islamic Micro and Rural Finance Products - Mudaraba & Musharaka
What is Mudaraba & Musharaka?
Internal Product Structures
Profit & Loss Distribution
How can serve up IMF
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Two Days Post Event Workshop on Practical Aspects of Islamic Micro, Agriculture and Rural Finance - December 13 - 14, 2021 at Dubai, UAE

Ijarah as the alternative of Conventional Lease
Product structure of Ijarah financing
Rental Mechanism & Practicing in IMF instructions
Diminishing Musharakah
Concept and Definition
Determination of Rental Mechanism
Unit Sale Mechanism
DM as Micro Housing Finance
Micro Takaful
Principle of Takaful business
Practical aspect of Micro Takaful
Banca Takaful as distribution channel for Micro Takaful
Social Sukuk for Islamic Micro and Rural Finance
What is Sukuk? Shariah Legitimacy of Sukuk
Sukuk for Microfinance Sector
Innovation and Development in Islamic Microfinance Sector
Technological Integration in Islamic Microfinance Sector
Innovative Products for Islamic Microfinance Sector
Web base Islamic Microfinance – A new approach
International Trends of Islamic Microfinance – Case study
Funding sources of Islamic Microfinance
How IMF is beneficial for donor agencies
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