10th Global Islamic Microfinance Forum - December 12, 2021 at Dubai, UAE - Exhibit Profile


  • Nurturing awareness of Islamic Microfinance among the masses, government and non-governmental institutes and multilateral donor agencies
  • Innovation in Islamic Microfinance Industry, e.g. Crowd funding, Micro Takaful, Youth Development Programs etc.
  • Promotion of Islamic microfinance model that is compatible with the conventional Microfinance models being used.
  • Encouraging practitioners, microfinance institutions, donor agencies and Government institutions by building up the acknowledgment of Islamic Microfinance system.
  • Creation of a more favorable milieu for Islamic Microfinance at national and international level.
  • Recognition of Islamic Microfinance as a sustainable system worldwide.
  • Encourage Islamic microfinance as a social phenomenon instead of a business oriented model.
  • Gain global practices on Islamic microfinance by using learned national and international scholars and experts.
  • Provision of a platform for dialogue between multilateral donor organizations and Microfinance networks.
  • Provision of up to date knowledge of various aspects of Islamic microfinance.
  • Provision of opportunities for collaboration or partnership with donor agencies, Islamic banks, and Islamic microfinance institutions or networks.

Who will benefit from attending “The 10th Global Islamic Microfinance Forum”?

  • Microfinance Institutions
  • Local Donor Agencies
  • International Donor Agencies
  • Microfinance Banks
  • Islamic & Conventional Bank
  • Insurance & Takaful Companies
  • SMEs & Corporative Societies
  • Rural Support Programmers
  • NGO’s, NPO’s and Microfinance Professionals
  • Academia, Philanthropists, and Investors
  • Regulators and Government Officials

Great “NETWORKING” opportunity:

"Opportunities don't happen, you create them." --Chris Grosser

AlHuda CIBE with the organization of this 9th Islamic Microfinance Global Forum is providing an opportunity for networking. Senior level executives from around the world will be among the participants thus providing healthy liaisons. This can call for tremendous marketing and promotional opportunities for the following business and social segments:

  • Microfinance Institutions & Banks
  • Local & International Donor Agencies
  • NGO’s and NPO’s
  • Islamic and Conventional Banks
  • IT Companies
  • Rating Agencies
  • Investment Banks
  • Local and Multinational Companies
  • REITs
  • Financial solution providers