Assignments & Results

After studying each module, you have to submit three assignments for each module, these assignments contain question related to the topics covered in the module. These assignments are considered as exams.

The advisory panel marks the assignments. The panel assesses the student by his/her understanding of concepts, way of tackling questions, degree of content understanding, and level of research effort. Each assignment carries 100 marks. The passing marks for each assignment are 60.

You will be instructed to submit your assignments at once within 7 weeks after receiving the study material you just need to log in to your student account; there you can upload your assignment in assignment portion. Student is promoted to next module if he/she obtains at least 60% marks in each assignment. There are three assignments in each module, when student has passed all the three assignments he/she is promoted to next module.

Workshops & Seminars:

AlHuda CIBE organizes Special Training Workshops on Islamic Banking & Finance worldwide, So far AlHuda CIBE has organized conferences and workshops in many countries like Pakistan, Mauritius, South Africa, India, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. Student from the whole world can participate in these conferences and workshops. It is mandatory for Pakistani students to attend at least one workshop during the entire course and the Video CD’s of such conferences and workshops are provided to the students from the other countries. AlHuda CIBE provides special 50% discount on each Training Workshop to the enrolled students.

For further details, please see Training Calendar 2019.

AlHuda CIBE is also media and strategic partner with many Islamic financial organizations who conduct conferences and workshops with the partnership of AlHuda CIBE in various countries. AlHuda CIBE also offers free passes to its students to attend these conferences and workshops to enhance their knowledge and to groom their personalities.