1. What are the requirements for taking admission in these courses?
  • University degree for Executive Diploma on Islamic Banking and Economics.

(If the student is not university graduate, he must have two years experience.)

  • Intermediate for all other courses.
  • English language is the medium of instructions, so its knowledge is must.
  1. Is it mandatory to have a background in finance to take these courses?

No, it is not important to have a background in finance to take these courses.

  1. Are these courses only for the Muslims?

No, there is no religious or sect compulsion for taking up these courses, anybody who wants to know how Islamic finance works can opt for these courses.

  1. Is there any age limit?

No, there is no age restriction.

  1. For whom are these courses especially designed?

These courses are not confined to bankers only. Anybody from any background who wishes to attain the knowledge of Islamic Banking and Finance can take admission in these courses.

  1. What is the admission procedure?

Please fill the online application form available on the website of AlHuda CIBE: www.alhudacibe.com and submit it. You will receive the acknowledgement receipt within 24 hours about the account details for the fee submission. As soon as your fee is received a confirmation mail containing registration number will be sent to you within 24 hours and course material is dispatched within 48 hours after that.

  1. What is the education methodology?

Once you are registered you will be provided with your Login ID and Password, Now you can join your online classroom, and its procedure is very simple, You just have to visit the website of AlHuda CIBE: www.alhudacibe.com and enter your username and password, You will log into the student section and can see your profile, access lectures, course contents, library, etc. The website of AlHuda CIBE is updated on daily basis. All the facts, figures, information about admissions, programs, and knowledge centre are continuously updated on the website.
The students are also provided with the e-mail address of advisory panel to communicate and interact with them regarding their problems/queries. The advisory panel will respond to student’s queries quickly.

  1. In which form will the course material be provided?

When you get enrolled in any course, an “Introductory Material Set” will be sent to you by courier. This will include glossary, enrollment letter, bibliography and one copy of our magazine and also 1st module’s lessons. The course material will be in the form of:

    • Notes & Presentations in PDF & PPT format
    • Audio, video lectures
    • Solved and unsolved case study
    • Assignments
    • Magazines

Soft copy of this study material is also available in the student account on AlHuda CIBE website: www.alhudacibe.com

  1. What is assessment/exams procedure?

After studying each module, you have to submit three assignments for each module. These assignments contain questions related to the topics covered in the module. These assignments are considered as exams. The advisory panel will mark the assignments. The panel will assess the student by his/her understanding of concepts, way of tackling questions, degree of content understanding, and level of research effort.

  1. What type of assignments I have to solve?

You have to solve the questions given at the end of each lesson. But sometimes you have to solve some case studies and research based questions can also be asked.

  1. How are the assignments submitted?

You just need to log in to your student account; there you can upload your assignment in assignment portion.

  1. Can I consult my tutor beside question answer session?

Yes, you can consult your tutor, to clarify any subject topic from your course through email.

  1. What are the passing criteria?

Each assignment carries 100 marks. The passing marks for each assignment are 60.

  1. How is the result declared?

The panel marks the submitted assignments and mark sheet is displayed in your student account on the AlHuda CIBE website.

  1. How is student promoted to the next module?

Student is promoted to next module if he/she obtains at least 60% marks in each assignment. There are three assignments in each module, when student has passed all the three assignments he/she is promoted to next module.

  1. Is it obligatory to attend workshops/Seminars?

AlHuda CIBE organizes special training workshops on Islamic Banking & Finance for students in the major cities of Pakistan & India. It is necessary to attend at least one workshop during all the academic sessions for the students of Pakistan & India and the Video CDs of such workshops will be provided to the students of the other countries. AlHuda CIBE provides special 50% discount for each Training Workshop to the enrolled students.

  1. Does AlHuda CIBE facilitate in HR placement?

  AlHuda CIBE provides all possible facilities of Human Resource Placement to all the students who successfully complete Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance. AlHuda CIBE is also starting HR placement portal for Islamic Finance Industry very soon.

  1. Can a student freeze any module/semester?

  Yes, for a valid reason, student can file application to freeze his/her module.

  1. Can a student avail the opportunity of scholarship?

  Yes, a student can apply for the scholarship if he/she fulfills any of the criteria mentioned under the scholarship tab.