Advisory and Consultancy

‘Takaful Consultancy Wing’ provides advisory and consultancy services to strengthen the roots of Takaful (Islamic insurance) not just within the insurance and risk management industry but also in the contemporary business environment where the market demand for managing and mitigating its exposures and risks can be met by offering or even tailoring specific Takaful products most suited to their needs.

Another aspect where ‘Takaful Consultancy Wing’ can provide assistance is in formulating the ‘Best Practices’ and setting appropriate bench-marks for the industry in order to make it truly responsive to the market expectations of high ethical standards coupled with efficient client-servicing. In this context, ‘Takaful Consultancy Wing’ can synergize with the regulators, academicians, research scholars and international organizations to stream-line Takaful processes, standardize procedures and spread Takaful awareness on a global basis.