Research & Product Development

Takaful Consultancy Wing’ of AlHuda CIBE is a forum for research and product development for the Islamic financial markets and service providers in order to develop and tailor Takaful products meeting the growing needs of the market. Accordingly, such products should cater for the various forms of Islamic financing including, but not limited to, Murabaha financing, Musharikah finance, Ijara, Modaraba, Sal’lam, Istasna, the list goes on.

Accordingly, the Wing actively seeks for and responds to the research-based assignments to explore Takaful potential and appetite in any region, carrying out Market Overview, SWOT Analysis, financial impact, product design and its marketing strategy.

Once appropriately researched and planned, launch of such products and services can bring dividends by way of opening new business avenues. This in turn can result in substantial increase in the revenues of Islamic banks as well as Takaful companies/operations.