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Certified Sukuk Professional
Certified Sukuk Professional
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  1. What are pre requisites for taking admission in Certificate Program’s?
    • Secondary School Level Education
    • If the student is do not have Secondary School level Education then he must have two years experience in relevant Area.
    • There is no age limit.
    • English language is the medium of instructions.
    • It is not very important to have background in finance.

  2. For whom this course is specially designed?
  3. This course is not for finance professional only. Anybody who would like to get the knowledge of Islamic Banking and Finance should attend the course. Anybody whether Muslim or non Muslim can be the part of this course.

  4. What is the admission procedure?
  5. Online application form is available on the website. After receiving the filled form we will send you the confirmation. The fees will be sent afterwards. There is no specific date for the start of the course. You can start this course at any time.

  6. How much is duration of the course?
  7. The total duration of the distance learning Course is 6 months. The course has 2 modules and duration of each module is 3 months.

  8. How can I study for the Certificate course?
  9. The communication with the student will be made through Email. The course contents which will consist of CD’s, Notes, Books on PDF Format, PowerPoint presentations, Literature & reference books and concerned website details will be sent to the students. The website of AlHuda CIBE is updated on daily basis. All the facts, figures, information about admission, programs and knowledge centre are continuously updated on website. The students will be provided with tutor’s e-mail addresses. So that they can communicate with their relevant tutors regarding their problems/queries and tutors will timely respond to student’s queries.

  10. In which form course material will be provided?
  11. When you get enrolled in the diploma course, we send you an “Introductory Material Set”. This includes Student Latter, glossary, enrollment confirmation letter, bibliography and one copy of our magazine and also 1st module lessons. The course material will be in the form of:
    • Books
    • Notes & Presentations in PDF & PPT format
    • Audio, video lectures
    • Solved and unsolved case study
    • Assignments
    • Magazines

  12. How I will receive the course material?
  13. For 1st semester, we will send the initial reading material through courier and for rest of semesters, course material will be sent to you by email.

  14. What type of assignments I have to solve?
  15. You have to solve the questions given at the end of each lesson. But sometimes you will have to solve some unsolved case studies. Research based questions will also be given.

  16. How the assignments will be submitted?
  17. You are instructed to submit your assignments at once within 7 weeks after receiving the module set at given Email ID.

  18. What is assessment procedure?
  19. After studying the assigned lesson, you will write the answers of questions given at the end of lesson and submit assignments to the given Email ID, the Advisory Penal will mark the assignments. The panel will assess the student by his well understating of concepts, tactfully answering the questions, good and easily understanding of writing, and also research based answering the question.

  20. What is Advisory penal satisfaction level?
  21. You have to answer the question of each lesson and your answer should match the panel level and you should properly cover all the questions asked by the question than you will be able to continue for the next stage of course.

  22. Can I communicate with advisory panel besides questions answers session?
  23. Yes, you can communicate with advisory panel to clarify any subject matter regarding your course through email.

  24. What are the passing criteria?
  25. Each assignment will carry 100 marks. The passing marks for each assignment are 60%.
  26. How result will be declared?
  27. The panel will mark the submitted assignments and mark sheet will be declared with reference to registration number on the AlHuda website. Your result is maintained only on behalf of the Assessment Marks of the penal. There are no exams. If you want to clarify some question or queries, than you should refer these to your course advisor.

  28. How students will be promoted to the next module?
  29. There are no exams during the course. Only the panel assessment is enough to promote student to the next semester. Each assignment will carry 100 marks. The passing marks in all the assignments will be an aggregate of 60%. No Next module will be issued to the participants obtaining less than 60% marks in total assignments. On successfully completion of the course you will be awarded with certificate by Govt. of Pakistan.

  30. How much fee I will have to pay for this course?
    Fee: US$. 750 (International Participants) Subsidize Fee with in Pakistan PKR.19, 500/-

    (Fee includes Teaching Material Reading, Audio and Video Presentations on PPT & PDF format, Postal charges, Research Material and Certificate).
    There are no hidden charges involved.

  31. Is it obligatory to attend workshop/ Seminars?
  32. AlHuda CIBE will organize special training workshops on Islamic Banking & Finance for students in the major cities of Pakistan & India. It is necessary to attend at least one workshop during the all academic session for Pakistan & Indian Students and the Video CD’s of such workshops will be provided to the students of the other countries. AlHuda CIBE will provide special 50% discount of each Training Workshop to the enrolled students of Certificate Program. For further detail of Training Workshop/Seminars, please see Training calendar-09

  33. Do you provide HR placement facilities?
  34. AlHuda CIBE provides all possible facilities of Human Resource Placement to the students, who successfully complete Certificate program. AlHuda CIBE is also starting HR placement services for Islamic Finance Industry very soon.
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